Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A few randoms from the past week...

We went to watch Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty cross the finish line at their half marathon

Summer is getting to be such a big help in the kitchen...she is pretty excited that I let her do more now including pouring ingredients INTO the measuring cup and watching to make sure it is up to the right "line" (the right amount) before pouring it into the bowl.  She is very good about being exact and will pour from the measuring cup to the bottle, back and forth, until she gets it just right.   Here we were making refrigerator pickles.

Baking with my girls!

Summer loves to pretend to be the mommy :)

Arts and crafts - painting a box she got from Aunt Nancy for her birthday.

Love this side profile of Larkyn :) Such kissable cheeks!

This week and last week, Summer each day works on one thank-you note, thanking people for their generous gifts for her birthday, while Mommy and Colton do Mommy-Colton time.

Summer's first ever "heart"

Larkyn sleeping away in the stroller.

Summer helped me get ready for all of our company this past weekend when we had all our family in town for Summer/s birthday and Larkyn's dedication!  Here she is helping me sort the cans for our taco soup recipe.

We put together 12 ziplock bags of freezer meals...some for the weekend, some for us, and some to give away to a friend who just had a baby :)  I am loving my new deep freezer!

Lots of time was spent this past week in the kitchen...chopping, prepping, etc.  I love it that the kids just want to hang out wherever I am.  Here Colton is playing cars and Summer is making up a craft project.

Summer's new markers make drawing even more fun!

I was pretty impressed with Summer's recent picture of Jesus she drew on one of her thank you notes!

Larkyn's 2nd time in the Bumbo.  She fell asleep this way!

Summer loves the book "Bridget's Beret" about a little girl artist.  She requested a beret for her birthday to wear while she does her art :)

Colton's first time writing his name all by himself...if you look closely at the upper right hand corner you can see his "C".  Then to the left of that you can make out an "O".  To the left of that is an "L"...but that is a bit harder to see.  I don't think the final "TON" ever made it onto the paper, but I still wanted to document it!

This week I went for my first jog with the 3 kiddos since L was born.  L's neck is finally strong enough!  The kids ate lunch while I ran to a park, we played, and then they finished their lunches while we ran home. 

We ALL (including Tucker!) love this arrangement!  The kids ask me almost every day if we can go on a "lunch walk".  I am seriously way too excited about this triple jogger ;)

Sweet Larkyn

Love this pic!

Matching sisters...I got these outfits for the girls before L was born...so fun to see them in them!

Find the baby!  The kids had fun tucking in all their favorite animals next to Larkyn

Laundry basket boat...L's first time!

Just look at that face! 

Cutting out the letters in C's name and gluing them on...

C's first time with the glue stick.  The letters didn't make it in the correct order, but he really enjoyed this activity!
I'll end with our verse of the week video...this past week Summer' picked the book of Daniel for our verse, and this was the verse we chose to memorize: Daniel 3:17 "If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it."

Colton picked Revelation for next week's verse, so tune in next time to see which one we picked!


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I love your "random" posts as we get to see a wide variety of snippets of life in the Tommerdahl home. Love those precious faces and voices.

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