Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SIbling Love and Cuddles

I am just loving watching my older two love on their little sister.  She is like a little magnet that they both are drawn to, and from the moment they wake up in the morning, they want to look at her, play with her, and talk to her!  I often hear, "Can I see Larkyn?" "Can you turn Larkyn so she faces me?"  "Can I hold Larkyn?" "Where is Larkyn?" "Turn her face so she looks at me!" If Larkyn cries for even a minute, both kids run to put her pacifier in, bring her toys, rock her swing, or just go talk to her...and she responds to them!  So far Colton consistently gets the biggest smiles out of Larkyn - I'm not sure what he does...its nothing really...just him being his goofy self :).  Summer truly has a way with Larkyn, and even when she fussy, Summer can help calm her down just by holding her.  So sweet.  These pictures capture what happens most every morning as we get ready for the day...I just want to cherish these moments!

Love the sister profile shot!

Colton "playing" with Larkyn by lining up his cars next to her.  He loves to kick the ball for her - one morning he set the ball by her wiggling feet and said, "good try" when she almost kicked it!  I couldn't help smiling!

Love these three cuddle bugs!


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Awww!!! Sweet pictures. <3

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