Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer's first haircut in a salon!

So, I've cut Summer's hair several times, however on Sunday night I totally botched it!  Major woops~!  Maybe I'll blame it on my little wiggle worm...or maybe its just my lack of skill!  Either way, I needed some professional help to straighten out my crooked mess!  Summer and I had a lot of fun at her first salon experience at Kid's Hair :-)

Sitting in the Salon Chair

Summer got to watch cartoons while her hair was cut

Ms. Autumn did a great job with Summer

Colton watching the experience :-)

Adding some layers to the back

Summer thought it was pretty cool to get her hair dried just like Mommy!

The finished cut...Summer got to color while Mommy paid

Lookin' good!

She is looking so old!

Side view :)
 Thanks Ms. Autumn for a great first haircut experience!


Jill said...

So fun that Miss Autumn cut Miss Summer's hair just as summer the summer season is turning to autumn. :) Summer looks so excited to have her hair styled and blown dry. Such a cutie pie!

LaDonna said...

Love it!! What a fun experience:-)

The Baum Family said...

Such a cute hair cut and such a cute little girl!!

The O'Connor Family said...

Love the haircut! She looks adorable!

Jessi Brink said...

Cute observation Jill!!! And YES Kelly...she totally looks grown up!

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