Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rugged Maniac

Paul and his dad ran Minneapolis Rugged Maniac, a 5-K obstacle race, on Saturday.  According to the Rugged Maniac website

"Each Rugged Maniac features at least twenty obstacles constructed by an experienced crew of licensed contractors. These aren’t the pop-up kiddie obstacles you’ll see at other races. You’ll climb over walls up to 12’ high, crawl through mud under barbed wire, slide down a 50’ water slide, jump over fire and face many other challenges all while running through a combination of forests, fields, motocross tracks and ski slopes!"

Here are a few pictures starting with getting ready for the race....

Making posters to cheer on Daddy and Grandpa


Go Daddy!

Go Grandpa!

Tough guys...ready to go... (start line is right behind them)

They started by sprinting up the huge mountain/hill (the race took place on a ski slope) Paul and his dad are wearing black...middle of picture on left side)



Last obstacle...climbing up a stack of dumpsters, across a net, and and back down again...

Paul after last obstacle
Watching for Daddy and Grandpa...
Go Daddy!!!!

Go Grandpa!!!!

Running to the finish line
Crossing finish line!



Jill said...

Whoa! Awesome race, Paul and Stuart! You definitely are "rugged maniacs". (Wondering what the bathroom looked like after your showers. ;)) Oh, and the cutie pie cheerleaders were pretty awesome, too. :)

Kay said...

Great post Kelly! Thanks for letting us invade your home for the big event! Jill, there were outdoor showers......cold water from a hose:)

Jill said...

Brrr! Well, better to get the mud off BEFORE they walk in the house! Glad you could all be there to cheer them on, Kay!

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