Monday, September 24, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things!

On days like today, it can be tough to get out with the two kids :-)  Colton had a one hour window between getting up and needing a morning nap today, and we nabbed that opportunity to get to the grocery store.  He woke up at noon and it was time for Summer to eat!  It is such a gorgeous day today that I packed Summer a lunch to eat in the stroller while we went for a run.  My friend Kristine gave the kids these awesome lunch holders as a party favor when Sydney turned 2, and we love it for lunch on the run!

Summer LOVES eating lunch while we run :-)
Colton loves the outdoors!
Another favorite of mine the group the Go Fish Guys.  They do fun Christian kids music.  We listen to "Party Like a Preschooler"  when we clean up and Summer loves it!  I tell her it is time to clean up the living room and we "blast" the music and she runs all over to pick up her toys.  Of course we sneak a few dance moves in while we are cleaning :-).  Colton's new favorite CD to fall asleep to is also by the Go Fish Guys: Snooze.  All of their CD's are great and if Colton is fussy in the car, we put on Kickin' it Old School or Snazzy or Splash or Groovy and Colton immediately quiets down and Summer loves it too!

Another of my favorite things are Robeez shoes because they actually stay on little feet through diaper changes, in and out of car seats, and they stand up to wiggly feet that kick off all other socks and shoes!  They are kinda pricy, so love hitting up consignment sales like Just Between Friends and From Yours to Mine.  These past two weeks I went to both sales and got tons of winter clothes for each kid and all of Summer and Colton's Christmas presents for this coming year.  Most of it is gently used, but sometimes you hit jackpot and find things with tags still on them!  I get super excited about great deals :-)

Colton's "new" $6 Robeez


Jill said...

You are a family on the go! :) Love Colton's new basketball Robeez. And, I can testify that they do stay on his feet. :)

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