Wednesday, September 5, 2012

State Fair!

We had a blast at the State Fair this year!  Paul took off work last Wednesday and we spent the morning at the fair.  It was great because it was cooler temperatures, less busy, shorter lines, and parking was easier to find.  Here are some pictures from our day....

Beginning the "Little Farm Hands" area...

Each kid got a bucket and some each station they did different she is driving a tractor to collect hay bales.  At other stations she fed chickens (and got an egg for her bucket), milked a cow (and got a carton of milk for her bucket), etc, etc.  At the end, she sold her produce at market by matching the items in her bucket with the correct basket.  She received "money" at market for "selling" her items with which she got to buy a treat in the store at the end.

Here she is planting a seed

Here she is picking an apple


Summer loved the dog show

She loves all animals!
Giant Sandbox

Lining up the buckets that "match"


Miracle of Life building....lots of baby animals

Her treat of ice cream shake "just like daddy"!


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