Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer quotes

Summer makes me smile so much with all the little things she says!  Here are a few of her more recent quotes...

We were reading the story of David and Goliath during our morning Bible time:
Summer pointing at the picture of dead Goliath:
Summer: "Goliath got a boo-boo but He's ok."
Mommy: "No, he's not ok....(thinking what to say!), but it's ok.  He was a bad guy."

Reading the story of David playing his harp and King Saul throwing his spear at David...
Mommy: "David played the harp for King Saul to make him feel better"
Summer: "He feels better.  He got some tylenol.  His mommy gave him some."
Mommy: "Sorta....."
Summer: "This one is....?" (Pointing to picture of the spear being thrown at David"
Mommy: "King Saul threw the spear at David.  He wasn't being very nice."
Summer: "He said "mine's"
Mommy: lol...  (We talk about when we shout mine at someone when they are playing with our toy it isn't very nice!)

While practicing what sounds letters make...
Mommy: A "G" has two sounds, "ja" like Giraffe and "ga" like Gorilla
Summer: "I saw a man carrying him...Carrying the Gorilla"
Mommy: "You did?!"
Summer: At the fair
Mommy: Oh....carrying the big stuffed gorilla?!

While uploading a video to YouTube:
Mommy: "Should I upload your video to youtube?
Summer: "There's the "U" right there.." (pointing to the keyboard)

When Daddy dropped something in the kitchen:
Summer: "You ok Daddy?"


Jill said...

Ah, that girl. She is sooo much fun to talk to. She's always thinking...and talking! Love hearing about "Summerisms". :)

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