Thursday, May 17, 2012

This week...

Summer had a lot of fun at a pool party at Addison's house with 5 other little toddler girls + Colton :)!  Here are a few pictures...  

Kiddie Pool
Summer loved the "vehicles"

Her favorite was the car!
LaDonna (Addison's Mommy) made PBJ's for the kids and Turkey Fococia sandwiches for the Moms!

Thank you Addison for letting me come to your pool party!  Love, Summer

 Here are a few other updates from our week:

**Summer has been loving her little stool I got her at Walmart and likes climbing up to watch mommy cook, to reach the microwave in her "play kitchen", and to watch Colton's diaper changes.

**Mommy lost her voice yesterday from her cold, and Summer said, "Mommy's neck broken". :)

**Both kids are about ready to graduate diaper sizes once we finish their current packs... Colton is moving from NB to size 1, and Summer is moving from size 3 to size 4!

**Summer had her first hair cut!  She is so squirmy that it was tricky, but it is a little more evened out now!  I trimmed her bangs and evened out the back so it is all pretty close to chin length now (the sides need to grow a bit more to be completely even).
First haircut--front :)

First haircut--back :)

**Summer LOVES trucks of all kinds.  They did some road work on our street last week and Summer and I just sat and watched :)  She also loves pointing out mail trucks, garbage trucks, etc when we are walking/running/driving as well as looking for "orange cones" and "orange buckets" where they are doing construction.  We are pretty excited to tour the firehouse tomorrow with Apple Valley Mom's Club!  Here is her reading her new favorite truck book:  (FYI: I am whispering because I have no voice this week, silly cold!)

**Colton did his first (almost) 6 hour stretch at night!  He slept 8:15pm-2am!  He fed next at 5:45am.  The swaddle + hairdryer CD = amazing results!

**Colton is starting to follow voices with his eyes.  It is fun to watch him turn his head to try to find Daddy!

**Summer loves  doing everything I do with Colton with her babies and animals, including diaper changes, tummy time, burping baby, stroller rides, and putting them in and out of the carseat, bouncy chair, and playmat :)

Baby gets a ride in the carseat

Baby gets a pacifier in the jungle playmat

Taking her baby for an after dinner walk :)  (All sticks we see along the walk end up sitting with her baby in the stroller....!  Summer still loves picking up sticks!)


Jessi Brink said...

I love the stroller picture! That's awesome :) Hope you can get a chance to rest your voice Kel!

Jill said...

Great post. Both kiddos are growing and developing so quickly! Love hearing Summer "read" her truck book. :)

The Baum Family said...

Cute post! Hope you are feeling better, Kel!!

Kristin K said...

I love this!!! Haha "Mommy' neck broken", lol. Man that girl is smart - she memorized all those truck names! I miss all of you!

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