Friday, May 11, 2012

Colton at 1 month

Hello, everyone!  I am one month old as of yesterday, and here is a little about me!

Eating: I usually eat at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, 2-3am, and 6am.  I am very good switching from nursing to bottles and visa versa, and am not picky about having my milk warm.  I usually eat between 2-4 oz at a feeding.

Sleeping: I am not very good at sleeping by myself!  I really want my Mommy or Daddy to be holding me when I sleep.  Mommy and Daddy usually put me down for bedtime at 8pm, but after several tries of rocking me and putting me swaddled in my crib, Mommy usually ends up holding me while she tutors, and then I sleep just fine!  Sometimes she can transfer me to the swing and I will sleep for a bit if I am in a deep sleep and don't notice that she put me down.  Most of my night time sleep is spent with Mommy or Daddy holding me, however, because I will frantically cry until they pick me up again!  Mommy says I have very good stamina, whatever that means.  I can be awake for 3-4+ hours at a time, exerting lots of fussy energy!!!

Personality: I am super cuddly and love being held all the time.  I make lots of funny faces!  

Fussy Times: I am pretty fussy any time I am set down, but especially in the morning between 8-11am, and then again in the evening between 8-11pm.  I am usually a pretty good sleeper in the afternoon.  Most of the time Mommy and Daddy can console me with rocking me and bouncing me up and down, but sometimes nothing helps, I just feel like being fussy!!  Mommy says its just part of being a baby and I will grow out of it :).

Favorites: I love being carried in the Baby Bjorn baby carrier and I love bath time.  I also like the sound of the vacuum cleaner, the hair dryer, the lawn mower, and a fan.  I like it when Daddy sings the MN Vikings song to me or Mommy sings Rock-a-Bye Baby :).

Stories: In church on Sunday during the pastor's sermon I had a loud, long bubbly/gurgley poop!  People's shoulders could be seen bouncing up and down within a 5 row radius of where I was sitting as they tried to keep in their laughter, and many people came up to Mommy and Daddy after the sermon to talk about it!  Also this week I set a record using 5 diapers in 10 minutes!!

Well, that is a little about me! What will this next month bring??? I can't wait to see! :-)

Until Then,
Colton Paul


Kristin K said...

Hahaha!! Too funny, our silly '45. ;)

Jill said...

Oh, my, I truly laughed out loud as I read the story about Colton's...ahem...indiscretion in church!! Oh, and poor guilty Sweet Summer for stealing a strawberry. Oh, she does love strawberries. Such precious (though sleepless) times these are in your young family. Much love to all!

The Baum Family said...

The church story is too funny. Colton is such a doll. Sorry he isn't sleeping better for you. I will be praying for that! :)

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