Monday, May 14, 2012

A Hairdryer!

Colton is sleeping on his own now at night (i.e. without someone holding him) !!!!!!!  YAY!  We have had two good nights in a row, and two out of three good afternoon naps!  The secret?!?!?  A hairdryer.

I noticed that he fell asleep while I was drying my hair one day, and remembered that we used to use a hairdryer to get Summer to go to sleep, so I tried it two nights ago with Colton.  He fell asleep right away!  He would wake after I turned it off so Paul helped me download a 6 minute clip of a hairdryer from i-tunes on Sunday night and put it on a CD 10 times....we now have an hours worth of hairdryer on CD....:-)

As I watched Colton sleep, I noticed that he would wake himself up with his arms during the night and then cry.  So, we put him in a velcro swaddler which kept his arms in (like a straight jacket!) and that sufficed to keep him asleep after he went to sleep on his own from the hairdryer.

Who knew a hairdryer would be my new best friend?!?

On another note, it is now warm enough in MN to get wet--yay!  Here is a picture of Summer and her friend Eli at the splash pad today.  They hadn't turned on the water yet, so we ended up playing in the fountain!


Jill said...

Yay for Colton sleeping!! Woo-hoo for a CD with an hour of hairdryer noise! Hey, whatever it takes, right?? Good job, Kel and Paul!!!
Cute pic of Summer in her swim suit. Makes me nostalgic for Jamaica since that is the last time I saw her in that suit. Love to all!

The Baum Family said...

Yay for a hairdryer and swaddle blanket!!! Those swaddle blankets worked miracles with Cruz until he was about 2 or 3 months.... So happy for a couple good nights of sleep. :)

Kristin K said...

Yeah, can we go back to Jamaica? (i.e. 'Maica?)

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