Saturday, May 12, 2012

Celebrating Mom!

We celebrated my Mom for Mother's Day today by going out to eat!

Here are a few pictures from today....

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!  I hope that I can be a mom as good as you!

I looked in Summer's and my closet to look for "matching" outfits!  While most of Summer's closet is "pink", and I don't have much "pink" I found that we each had a denim skirt and a white top!

 My two favorite kids!
Wish we could actually "see" this Mom on Mother's Day, but so glad we got to see her a few weeks ago!  Here is a "thumbs-up" for Mom and Grandma Tommerdahl! 

Thanks, Mom T, for raising such an amazing guy in my husband!  I pray that I can raise Colton to turn out like Paul!!!
I am blessed with two VERY amazing moms!  My mom is a suuuper great amazing listener, is an amazing example of a godly mom and wife, and I feel like I can go to her for anything.  My other mom (aka my mother-in-law) is so great at welcoming me into the family, making me feel loved right from the start, and putting important things first!  Both moms make the BEST Grandmas, and I couldn't be more blessed with all the love they shower on my kids and us!  Happy Mother's Day to both Moms!  


Jill said...

Such a sweet post, Kel. I enjoyed celebrating one day early with everyone yesterday. You are an amazing mom and I am soooo incredibly proud of you!!! Love!!

The Baum Family said...

Such cute pics!!! I love the one of your entire family at the beginning and so cute how you and Summer had matching outfits. :) For a mama not getting a ton of sleep you look absolutely amazing. :) Love ya!

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