Friday, May 4, 2012

Mowing the Lawn

This afternoon after lunch Summer and I went out to mow the lawn.  I got her little push bike out of the shed so she could "mow the lawn" too.  She loved it!

Sidewalk chalk kept her busy while mommy finished the last bit of the front yard...

Summer is so good at making up her own fun and playing creatively by herself.  I love watching her, talking with her, and just doing life with her.  She is my little "spark-plug" kid--- full of so much personality--- and I couldn't love her more!

Recent Summer-isms:
-She'll say about herself: "Mommy's Summer-roo, Grandma's Punky-poo, Princess Honeydo"....I call her Summer-roo, Grandma calls her punky-poo, and the little girl in one of our library books is Princess Honeydo... 
-She noticed that our sprinklers were on this morning (we forgot to turn them off) and also reminded mommy about several other things mommy needed to do and forgot!
-She always wants "Colton come too!"


Jill said...

So sweet. Yes, I do love my Punky-poo! I love it when she looks at me, grins, and says Punky-poo! :) I love how Summer is reminding you of things you wanted to do, but forgot! :) Her mind is always in motion! And, I love that she wants Colton to come everywhere, too. :)

The Baum Family said...

She's getting to be such a big girl!!!! Can't wait to see her this summer. :)

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