Friday, January 20, 2012

Helping to Clean

Summer is my little helper.  I love it hanging out with her whether we are playing or just getting stuff done.  We are getting ready to leave town for a week, so I've been busy cleaning and packing. As I was cleaning bathrooms she helped me put the cleaners in and out of the carrying basket, put away garbage, and any little job I could find for her.  Today while I was cleaning the bathroom, I gave her a paper towel so she could help me clean the lower portion of the mirror while I cleaned the higher portion.  As I moved on to other cleaning, I "caught" her cleaning the stairs....she would pretend to squirt some glass cleaner on a paper towel and then proceed to "wipe" the carpeted stairs with her paper towel.  I almost laughed out loud!  She cleaned away for several minutes, but of course once I came back with the video camera she decided to get shy!

Summer discovered how to squirt herself with Tucker's "disciplinary" water squirt bottle.  She thinks its pretty funny!  Here is a quick clip of my little water baby.

I also should note that today I noticed 3 of 4 "eye" teeth have popped through...which explains the runny nose I noticed two days ago! 


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