Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Silly Girl

I took this picture on my cell phone to send to Paul (hence the fuzzy quality).  We ask Summer now to say "Cheeeeeese" before a picture to help her smile, and this picture is taken mid "cheese"!

This post is just my little journal about a few things Summer did today that I want to remember.  I have never been very good at keeping a journal, so this is the spot I think of to write something down if I want to remember it!

Today Summer came to the amazing realization that tigers and Tucker have tails but Summer and Mommy do not have tails.  It was pretty cute to watch her, as she pointed to the tail of the Tiger and said "tail" and then looked to find "Summer's tail" to point to it....we looked for Summer's tail and Mommy's tail, and decided that Mommy and Summer don't have tails.  Then she asked about Tucker, and we decided that he does have a tail.  It was cute to watch her mind work!

When were at Target today, we were walking out of a fitting room stall (she was holding my hand) and the door closed behind us and hit her.   She said "Sorry".  It was sooo cute!  Sometimes when I am holding her and walking around the house doing things, I accidentally bump her into something as we are walking around, and I always say "Sorry" to her for bumping her into she transferred that to saying "Sorry" when the door bumped into her! 


Jill said...

LOVE the tail story. And the "sorry" story. It's just so much fun to watch Summer learning about the world around her. Reminds me to slow down and see things through her eyes.
It was so sweet today when I was playing with her. I sneezed and she said "Bless You". :)

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