Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My favorite kiddos

Here is a quick update on my 3 kids  Tucker, Summer, and Baby Brother....one thing that they all have in common is LOTS of energy!

Here are two quick video of Tucker at the dog park yesterday.  While I didn't catch Summer on video as I was busy keeping her from getting run over by big puppies (she didn't seem to mind, but I didn't want her to have a bad experience!) Summer and Tucker both loved running around with all the puppies!


Summer has been having lots of fun running all over open gym at the community center, going to playgroups, going to library story time, playing peek-a-boo with daddy in the kitchen, and coloring with mommy.  She still loves her play kitchen as much as ever and loves quizzing herself on picture/word flashcards she got from Grandma in her stocking.  Here is a quick video of her pointing out her body parts.  We might need to work on elbows a bit more!

We are now in week 28 and baby weights 2 1/4 pounds and is about 15 inches long.  He is kicking a ton!  It is pretty cool to feel him move around and I am getting excited to meet him!  We went in for our 28 week appointment yesterday, and Summer was pretty cute listening to baby's heartbeat....her eyes got big and she got a little smile on her face as she said "Baby!"


Kristin K said...

cuuuute!! I love all the Tommerdahls!!

Jill said...

Ditto to what Aunty Kristin said. :)

The Baum Family said...

Love the videos! Summer is looking so much more grown up than she did even at Christmas. :)

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