Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part I: Apple Valley

We started our Christmas celebration at our home, planning our "Christmas Eve" for the 23rd and our "Christmas morning" for the 24th.  We have been trying to think of some traditions we can start that our kids can look back and remember doing when we celebrated as a family.  This year we decided to make a graham cracker house on our designated Christmas Eve, and then we watched a Christmas cartoon about a puppy (Olive the other reindeer).  We hope to make a new house each year with our kids and take pictures of each one :).  Here is Summer next to Graham Cracker House #1.

We took videos to document our designated Christmas morning.  If you would like to relive part of it with us feel free to watch these clips.

Waking Up

Walking Downstairs

An excited little girl is done with breakfast

Waiting for Daddy to finish breakfast.  (Summer is playing with her Christmas toy from last year...  Kind of fun to think back to last year ....)

Spinning with Daddy

Tucker's Stocking

Opening a Mr, Mrs, and Baby Potato Head
(Summer loves to practice saying and pointing to her body parts and this has proved to be a lot of fun for her already!)

Opening a Baby and Animal book

Opening Stocking

We had a fun start to our Christmas!  We then got packed up and ready to head to Part II of our Christmas Celebration: Woodbury.


Jill said...

So cute. I feel like I was experiencing your Christmas morning with you. Especially love how she says "garbage" as she rips the wrapping paper. :) Such a neat girl!

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