Friday, August 6, 2010

We're Home!

Well, we made it!  Now let the fun begin! 

Leaving the Hospital

We arrived home from the hospital roughly 24 hours ago.  Summer has been introduced to her new nursery, as well as her brother (Tucker the Dog) and many other fun things.  For the most part, however, it's a pattern of sleep, eat, awake (repeat). 

Summer and Mommy with Summer's "Going-Home" Outfit

Kel has done a lot of research and had conversations with many moms (thanks, especially Julie Gott!) and is already establishing a schedule for Summer.  One of our main resources has been the book Babywise - it has already proven its worth!

Tucker and Summer have done great - he's always concerned when she cries, he's always interested in her, and is always gentle.  He especially has enjoyed licking her feet while she sits on Mommy's lap.  He's also enjoyed some "guy" time as Daddy and Tucker went for a nice, long walk this morning to help release a bit of Tucker's never-ending energy.

Tucker and Summer in one of their "bonding" sessions :) (No, she's not screaming - just yawning!)

Mom is holding up really well, especially considering she hasn't had a ton of sleep (she's currently sneaking in a nap between feedings while Summer is sleeping on my lap as I type - multi-purposing at its best!).  Daddy is also doing well - only two trips to the store so far today! :)  Daddy and Summer have enjoyed their cuddling time - Summer has proven it by passing a lot of gas in Daddy's arms...thanks, baby!

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and such - it's been fun to share this with everyone and we can't wait for everyone to meet our little sweetheart of a daughter! 


Kristin K said...

What a sweet post. Kinda could maybe make me want to feel like crying. :') Glad you guys are so happy.

Who gave you the balloons?

Jill said...

Yeah, this post gets the "sweet" award for sure. My little granddaughter is so beautiful. I thank the Lord for sending her to your family so I could have her, too. :) All of the pictures are great. Tucker is so sweet!

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