Sunday, August 8, 2010

Visit by Gpa and Gma Tommerdahl & Great-Gma!

Two days after my parents left, they were right back down here (it's only 3 hours away, so it's hard for them to stay away from their beautiful granddaughter!).  This time, Javonte and Great Grandma Sandy also made the trip.  Although Javonte was along before, this was Summer's first chance to meet one of her great-grandparents!

In other news, Summer had her first bath at home, spent more time with Tucker, and even made her public debut at church this morning (don't try getting out of church any time soon after the service if you have a newborn - everyone wants to meet her) :)

She has also had some great awake times - and lots of smiles for Mom and Dad (not sure she really realizes what she's doing, but it's still fun!). 


The Baum Family said...

Love the headband! :-)

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