Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Love Summer

Summer is 12 days old today - in some ways it feels like eons ago that we were driving to the hospital.  Yet, when I hear her cry or see her resting in her crib, I'm reminded that the reality hasn't completely set in - I have a daughter!  Crazy! 

Last Thursday (Aug 12), I returned to work.  Needless to say, it was tough to go back and leave my girls here at home.  Don't get me wrong - I love my wife more than anyone - but it's even more fun to come home to a wife AND a daughter (and Tucker too - I didn't forget about you, buddy!). 

So what's been going on since I last posted 5 days ago (yes, I know it's been sporadic - we're working on getting Kelly trained in so she can update during Summer's nap times once in a while)?  This afternoon we were able to Skype with Gpa and Gma Tommerdahl, Uncle Javonte, and Great Gma Sandy.  What an awesome technology!  Not only were Summer's grandparents able to see her, but we were also able to wish Javonte a happy 10th birthday by video as well.  Lucky for everyone on the other end, we turned off the webcam in time for them to avoid seeing Summer with her first poopy diaper that drifted up her back - still can't figure out how that happened exactly, but it did....

What else have we been doing?  We made it to church this morning and Summer continued to do really well - 2 for 2 on sleeping through the service (and no, that's not a knock on Pastor Paul's sermon or the worship team!).  Summer was also officially introduced to the church family through an announcement during the service, complete with a picture on the projector and a rose on the stage! 

Yesterday was another field trip day - we made it over to the Mall of America between feedings in order to get a walk in with Summer.  This was not Summer's first mall experience, as Mommy already took her daughter for a little shopping while Daddy was at work (luckily I haven't checked the credit cards website yet...jk...).  At the Mall of America, we were sure to stop in and look at the Barbie paraphernalia at Toys R Us and also checked out the American Girl store.  Daddy can't wait for the tea parties and such :)  After that, we used a gift card and had our first restaurant experience with Summer at the Apple Valley Applebees.  Needless to say, she was the star of the night - everyone from nearby tables came over to see her.  She was a little fussy, but maybe it was because she didn't have a good view of the Twins game? 

Earlier in the week, we also introduced Summer to Target.  While we made it a quick stop, it was fun for Daddy to try out the Baby Bjorn.  Summer did great, even though it was getting close to feeding time!

Soon after arriving home from Target, we found out that there was a visitation for the father of one of Kelly's former students.  He passed away unexpectedly and we wanted to support this student and his family by attending the visitation.  We jumped back in the car and made it over before the visitation ended. 

There is something special about babies.  In the shadow of such a terrible tragedy, they bring hope.  We talked with the student and his family.  His mom - who just lost her husband - was touched by Summer's presence.  While death may have reared its ugly head, there was reminder of life in her presence.  She went on to share that other experiences with babies had pulled her through the worst of the past few days.  Little did we know that our Summer would be a blessing to her and others as I carried her - sleeping - through a funeral home.  She is a reminder of life. Hope. Innocence. Simplicity. Memories.  All sorts of things to all sorts of different people.  It is my prayer that she will continue to be a beacon of LIGHT into the world for her whole life that she has ahead of her.  That she would show and reflect God and His Love to the world - as God IS Light (1 John 1:5).  We pray that He would be in her and that she would be a child of the light (1 Thes 5:5), which would make her a child of God's and one that will shine into the darkness.  

Anyway, a number of other events and occurrences have taken place (I'm sure) and I can't cover all of them.  I hope this catches you up on Summer's life and our experience with raising our daughter.  It's been a learning experience - at times, frustrating, and other times a hilarious comedy that Hollywood couldn't even imagine.  All in all, I wouldn't trade fatherhood for anything.  It has been an incredible blessing - exciting and terrifying - and I love it! :)


Jill said...

Sweet baby. Sweet commentary. Sweet video. Ah, I just love Summer and I love watching you two being parents. Thanks for a great post. Love to all!

The Baum Family said...

Welcome to the world of "poopy diapers up the back." :-) She definitely looks a lot like you, Paul!

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