Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am 3 weeks old!

Well, I am 3 weeks old today and mommy and I decided we should update you all on our lives!    I will start with a funny story about daddy.  Mommy picked out this outfit for me to wear to church on Sunday and had daddy dress me while she took a shower.  When mommy found me, I still had the panties attached to my dress with the plastic tag and my diaper showed!  Daddy didn't realize that he needed to detach the panties and put that over my diaper!!!  This made mommy and me laugh.  :)

Here are some of the highlights of my last week:
-I have had lots of visitors!  And I got to help Auntie Kristin celebrate her 24th birthday!!  Mommy was very nervous that I would scream in the restaurant, but I did very well and slept the whole time :)  Here is a funny picture of me with Auntie Kristin at her apartment.  She is very comfy to sleep on!

-I had my 2 week checkup and I am almost 9 lbs!  I am eating very well.

-My umbilical cord fell off so now I can take baths in my "whale of a tub" instead of sponge baths.  I really like bath time and I like to splash in the water.  Daddy likes to spray me with the squirt toys.

-During the day, mommy and I do everything together!  I have gone for many walks with Tucker and mommy, I have run lots of errands, I have helped Grandma Tommerdahl weed the garden and I have eaten lunch with Grandma Kirkwood. 

Mommy has to get used to using one hand to do things because I like to be held a lot.  Mommy sometimes will put me in the Baby Bjorn carrier and walk around with me as she cooks and does chores around the house.   She has been doing a lot more laundry and cleaning since I showed up.  My record so far is dirtying 8 onesies/sleepers in a 24 hour period. (Think you can beat that?!?!?  Here's a hint....after you spit up on 2 sleepers, take a bath, and then have quite a large spit up straight into the drawer of clean clothes as mommy opens it to get a new sleeper out!)

While I love spending time with mommy, my favorite time of day is when daddy comes home from work.  Daddy is so much fun!  He dances with me around the kitchen, and he makes funny faces and talks in funny voices and sings me silly songs.  He is really good at calming me down when I am really fussy and I can tell how much he loves me!

Mommy says I am getting better at sleeping at night.  My record so far is 5 hours at one time, but that only happened once.  I am working on it!

Thanks for reading about my life!  Hope you are having a good life too :)

Love, Summer


Jill said...

Thanks for a great post, Summer. You continue to be so cute!! I especially love your church outfit with the yellow headband. :) Can't wait to see you soon!
Love, Grandma Kirkwood
PS Aunty Kristin was 24 on the 19th. :)

Raela Schoenherr said...

Ooops, Summer...didn't you celebrate Auntie Kristin's 24th birthday? Otherwise, she somehow got younger than me!!

Glad to hear you're doing so well and I'm looking forward to meeting you :)

The Tommerdahls said...

Daddy fixed it for me. Thanks Grandma and Raela!

The Tommerdahls said...

Mommy was thinking "August 19th" and wrote "19th birthday"!

Jessi Brink said...

Paul...you are too funny :)

Kristin K said...

I think she looks like one of us (maybe me) in the bath pic. And yes, I do get told a lot I am "comfy". :)

GeeGee said...

Happy one month birthday, Summer! You are growing quickly! You are a doll! I loved hearing all about your life! I can't wait to see you and hold you!

Hugs and kisses, GeeGee

GeeGee said...

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