Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 Week (minus 1 day) Weigh-In, More Visitors!

Hi Everyone!  Summer here - life's been pretty sweet lately - I've been eating a lot - and sleeping even more!  I do have my awake times, but most of the day, I'm snoozing.

Yesterday, however, Mom and Dad took me to the doctor for my first check-up.  I was told I was great on the way over there.  When the nurse came in to check my temperature, however, I showed her up by - how should I say this? - eliminating on Daddy and the nurse.  Mommy laughed so hard that she actually had to leave the room!  Then the doctor came in and she checked me over.  Guess what?  I've gained 4 oz since my birth (I'm up to 8lbs 4 oz and was born at 8lbs even)!  In regards to measurements, I'm between the 55th and 75th percentile in pretty much everything!  On the way out, Daddy reached behind the nurses desk and got me a Disney princess sticker (since I'm his little princess!).  We took a picture, of course.

Things have been going great at home - I've REALLY enjoyed the green bouncer seat (see the picture) that I received from GeeGee Obermayer.  It vibrates and puts me to sleep in a hurry when I'm a little fussy (although, of course, I'm never really that fussy - I just like to keep Mommy and Daddy guessing when it comes to my schedule)! 

Finally, I also had a number of visitors on Sunday night - Auntie Kristin and Gpa and Gma Kirkwood!  Tucker had fun, but I think I had even more fun than he did! :)


Jill said...

I knew my grandbaby was a genius! What a great writer she is already and she's only a week old! And, definitely a good sense of humor and timing in the doctor's office. Hope Daddy's clothes washed up okay. :) I love you, Summer! Your pictures are all beautiful. It's so much fun to see you in the outfit I gave you before you were born. Tell Daddy thank you for helping you post on the blog. :)
Love, Grandma Kirkwood

The Baum Family said...

So sweet! She looks like she's got a lot of hair! Cruz wanted to let Summer know that he has the same bib she's wearing in the second pic from the bottom- except he has the blue one. :-)

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