Monday, August 21, 2023

Wrapping up Summer/Back to School


We wrapped up summer with one last trip to the beach!  We also co-hosted our 8th annual Night to Unite Neighborhood block party and this year our kids got 2nd place in the chalk art contest!  Among other things in the gift basket was free lunch at Cane's which we enjoyed on our last day of summer.

The kids got to meet their teachers at school and organize their lockers.

Larkyn has Ms. Nerdahl for 4th grade.

Larkyn was so excited to get her first locker!

Colton is confident, excited and more than ready to be a middle schooler this year.

Summer loves organizing her locker and is excited about all the leadership opportunities of being top of the school this year as an 8th grader!

We so enjoyed our family date to the state fair!

Cheers to a new school year!


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