Monday, August 21, 2023

Birthday / Back to School Dates!

 Every year since I can remember, I have taken each kiddo on a birthday date around the time of their birthday.  It is a sweet time that we all look forward to.  This year, the craziness of life and activities and travel made it impossible to schedule those dates near their birthdays, so I decided to put all three dates in August, taking a day with each kiddo to do back to school shopping and an activity of their choice. It was SUCH a sweet way to spend our last few days of summer vacation and I am pretty sure it will now be a new tradition for us to do our birthday dates this way every year!


Summer picked to do an escape room.  We also spent time together shopping for new shoes, getting her first salon haircut, shopping at the outlet mall, and grabbing lunch together.


Colton also chose to do an escape room, however he chose to do with with Dad too!  We drove to dad's work over the lunch hour one day and found an escape room a block from his work.  We also grabbed lunch with dad which was a special treat.  We then did some back to school shopping finding lots of sports themed clothing and some cool new shoes.


Larkyn chose to go to Crayola Experience at Mall of America.  We also did some shopping for shoes and found new clothes for back to school for her as well.

I am so grateful for the one-on-one time I got to spend with each kiddo before the craziness of school starts up again! 


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