Thursday, July 11, 2019

Random Fun

I love summer time!  I love playing at parks, being outside, going swimming, having time to read, see family, and most of all, time to be together with my kiddos!  The kids have been loving having sleepovers in each others rooms, because we don't have school!  I love the special relationships and memories they are continuing to form with each other!  LOVE THEM so much!

We got to see toy story 4 on the day it came out!

(giant donuts from grandma T!)

Yeah, mom still makes us learn stuff in the summer lol!  Colton and I are working on a spelling curriculum, Larkyn is working on her reading, and Summer is learning Spanish!

Tornado!  Cuddled up under the basement stairs!

Magnitile creations!
Go Loons!

Daddy takes turns taking the kids to Loons Games!

We love summertime!  Please don't go too fast!!!! :)


The Baum Family said...

I love those sweet, relaxing, summer days!!! Your kiddos are just the sweetest.

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