Monday, July 1, 2019

Larkyn's 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday, Larkyn!

Larkyn brings so much joy and so many smiles to our family!

Larkyn loves to dress up, be sparkly, wear high heels, and be  fancy.  She also knows that true beauty comes from within.

Larkyn loves to play dolls, dressing them up in all sorts of different ways.  She loves dance, gymnastics, and singing.  She loves being outside, biking, scootering, and borrowing Colton's skateboard and rollerblades!

Larkyn has grown so much spiritually in the past few months.  She listens well to her Bible story each morning, asks great questions, prays so faithfully for others, and truly desires others to know about God's salvation, including wanting to tell them about God's salvation herself.  Her conscience has grown as well, and asks for God's forgiveness and help in her weaknesses.

Larkyn loves to shop!  One of her favorite stores is Once Upon A Child, a resale shop, and she loves going through all the clothes and picking things out  She especially loves shoes and bags!

Larkyn loves to be silly and make other laugh, and she is full of personality and great faces!

We are so grateful for this beautiful gift from God!!!  We love you Larkyn Emery!

Larkyn turned 5 on July 1st, and, as usual, we made a big deal of her birthday!  Here are the ways we celebrated:

1) Kid's Dance Theme Birthday Party
2) Breakfast In Bed
3) Family Celebration (Actual Birthday)
4) Mommy-Larkyn date
5) Celebration with Kirkwood Side
6) Celebration with Tommerdahl Side

See below for pictures of each!

Kid's Dance Theme Birthday Party

Due to the crazy bookend weeks of Larkyn's birthday (VBS before her birthday and the 4th of July week after), along with us being out of town much of June, we did Larkyn's birthday party a month early.  She invited 7 little girls to join her in donning tu-tu's, making ribbon wands, learning a dance routine to her favorite song from her favorite dance teacher, and more!  Click here to read all about her party, but i'll include just a few pictures here:

Breakfast in Bed

Family Celebration (Actual Birthday)

We had plans on Larkyn's birthday to meet up with our cousins at the park, but because it was rainy, we ended up going to an indoor park at Edinborough.  We had lots of fun!

"officially" 5!

We headed home for Larkyn's meal of choice!

A swim suit coverup and slippers with no backs were both on her list... and both were huge hits!

She was thrilled about the Chinese Paper Fan that Colton got her - she saw one in Disney World that she wanted and Colton found her one on Amazon!

One of the top two things she wanted this year was a pink microphone!

She LOVES her glitzy pink high heel shoes!

Summer picked out a pair of "L" earrings so Larkyn could change her earrings for the first time!  And matching sister scrunchies!  

Larkyn's dessert of choice was first seen in her highlights magazine.  It is made mostly out of layers of jello to look like a beach and an ocean and is the base for dumping in lots of gummy bears stuck in gummy lifesavers to stay afloat!

Larkyn-Mommy Date

Each year I take the birthday kid on a date.  This year, Larkyn's request was for Chuck E Cheese to play and Panera for lunch.

Celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa K

We celebrated Larkyn's birthday at our recent trip to the cabin.  Grandma picked out a Shimmer and Shine cake, one of Larkyn's favorite characters right now!  

Larkyn will get to go on a special back to school shopping trip with Grandma K!

(from Cousin Teddy!)

Larkyn got a new doll and a gymnastics and dance leotard for her!

Larkyn LOVES her new rainboots and wears them almost constantly (if she is not wearing her glitzy high heel pink shoes!)

Celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa T

Grandma and Grandpa T and Uncle Jordan came for the weekend to celebrate Larkyn!  We got to go to the Burnsville Splash Pad together and Uncle Jordan was a hero, teaming up with three exuberant kiddos in the search and rescue treasure hunt for lost toys caught under the bridges.  Using a stick they extracted quite a few "treasures" and made many great memories!

Grandma and Grandpa told Larkyn she could pick anywhere for dinner, and she picked Chik-Fil-A!

 Finally the big day arrived!  Larkyn was so excited for HER turn to pick out a new bike!  She has watched both sister and brother get to have a special date with Grandma and Grandpa T to multiple bike stores, and then come home for the "big reveal" to show the family which bike was chosen!  Now it is her turn!

After 5 stores and lots of looking....Larkyn finally chose....

Larkyn chose an Elsa and Anna Frozen bike!

Grandpa and Grandma also donated to the kids fund for Bran, their compassion child, who shares the exact same birthday (date and year) as Larkyn!

Princess Dairy Queen cake!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you for the special birthday videos, e-cards, mail cards, and birthday love!  You made our little girl feel so special!  And thank you, God, for giving us this precious little girl!  We love her SO much!


Larkyn 5 year Stats:

Weight: 35lbs  (15th percentile)
Height: 3' 4" (7th percentile)


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