Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Chicago Family Reunion

Coming from Michigan, the trip to Chicago seemed short! The kids spent much of the time making birthday cards for my Grandma, who was turning 92 on the 21st, and the remainder of the trip listening to Jonathan Park CDs.  The time flew!  When we arrived at our hotel, we all enjoyed jumping in the pool for a fun afternoon of swimming!  We met the family (including DADDY who drove down from MN with Grandma and Grandpa K) at Portillos for dinner, and then settled in for the night.  Our extended weekend included fun times eating, playing at a local park, celebrating my grandma's birthday, going bowling, swimming, going to a water park, taking family pictures, and having a family chapel.  I loved getting time to chat with my cousins, and giving the kids time to play with my cousins' kids!  I am so grateful for this family, the time we could spend together, for my Uncle Paul organizing the weekend, and for my mom taking and organizing the pictures I will share below.  What a fun weekend!

The kids thought is was especially fun when the Baum kids joined us in our mini van to make 6 kids in our van!
At the family chapel, Alison's family shared about how God's boundaries are because he loves us, and even if we break those boundaries, he made a way for us to return to him.  Then our kids shared the Romans Road (our summer scripture memory verses that describe salvation and includes Romans 1:20, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:9, Romans 10:9, Romans 10:13, and Romans 12:1-2.).  We have spent the last two months memorizing and discussion the meaning behind these important verses.   Here is a video of them sharing these verses at our family chapel.

After chapel, Paul and I drove to Rochester, MN to drop me off for my mission trip with our church's middle school youth group and the kids went to lunch and then back to the cabin for Grandma Grandpa Camp!


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