Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Mission Trip

As a youth leader at our church for middle schoolers, I was a leader on our youth mission trip to put on VBS at a trailer park in Rochester, MN.  Our team of middle schoolers also completed a variety of work projects at the trailer park including painting, power washing, weeding, mowing, and more.  A highlight of the trip for me was connecting with four girls, N, J1, J2, and C.  We made friendship bracelets, played games, did crafts, and most importantly, talked about Jesus.  

N was very interested in everything we talked about and asked so many questions about Jesus.  I was amazed at how little all the kids knew about Jesus.  After several days of asking questions, N brought a small new testament along to VBS that she had received from a neighbor and wanted to read it together!  

On the 4th day of VBS we talked about the ABC's of salvation (Admit you're a sinner, Believe Jesus died to take away your sins, and Confess Jesus as Lord).  It was so cool to watch her understanding and faith grow each day!  On Friday, our youth pastor acted out the story of salvation using kids.   N got to be one of the kids that represented us.  Another boy represented sin.  A third boy represented God.  Sin keeps us form God.  A final boy acted the part of Jesus, conquering sin and bridging the gap.  The boy acting as Jesus, L, trusted Christ as his Savior earlier in the week!

During small group time, N wanted to help me teach our group the ABC's that we had talked about the day prior.  At the end, she decided on her own that she wanted to make the step to trust Jesus as her personal Savior RIGHT NOW!  After praying to ask Jesus to take away her sins, she looked up at me with tears streaming down her face! I couldn't help but tear up as I watched her now be part of God's family and what a privilege to literally watch God work in her life! 

She almost immediately went and enthusiastically shared the Gospel with her friend  J1, who although not ready to make a commitment, learned and grew a lot through the week as well.  

  I continue to stay in contact with J1 and N and C through mail and text/phone and plan to drive down next weekend to help N (and hopefully others!) connect with a local church's Wednesday night program so they can continue to grow spiritually.  God was moving this past week!  Despite our VBS programming being subpar, as compared to Twin Cities suburb churches, we had amazing conversations and 3 kids made real decisions to trust Christ as Savior.  Such a reminder that it is GOD who changes hearts, not people or programs!  It was INCREDIBLE To watch God work!  Praise the Lord for his salvation!


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