Sunday, September 9, 2018


While I wasn't ready for school to start (I never will be, I love having my kids home!), we had a great first week.  The kids are excited about their teachers and classes, and we really love  Southview.  The kids got to meet their teachers during assessment week.

Colton has Mrs. Gile

Here is his desk

Summer has Mrs. McGregor.  Summer's class is doing "choice seating" instead of desks.  They have several stations including a table low to the ground (sit on the ground around it), different fun chairs, and different table arrangements.  Mrs. McGregor said it worked really well with last year's class!

Summer and Colton were all smiles on their first day!

After saying goodbye to the big kids, Larkyn and I had a playdate to the zoo with the same friend as last year :).

Then we had a preschool filled afternoon.  Larkyn LOVES preschool.  She LOVES the time we spend together, and we probably spend an hour+ every day doing math (counting, tens, addition, subtraction), calendar (weeks, months), handwriting (practicing lowercase letters), reading (we are using a new curriculum my friend recommended), and more. 

A laundry basket boat is the best place to practice letter sounds :)

Larkyn's weekly activities kick off this coming week.  Our weekly schedule will include Monday Chore Day; Tuesday: dance, soccer shots and Grandparent time; Wednesday: BSF,  Thursday: Cousin time; and Friday: Preschool coop and fun days.  Evenings include Summer piano lessons and Larkyn soccer on Mondays, Colton soccer on Tuesdays, Church Night Wednesdays, Summer soccer on Thursdays, and all three kids soccer Saturday mornings.  It will be busy but fun :). Happy Fall!


The Baum Family said...

Loved reading up on the end of your summer! All that fair food looks amazing! Praying God’s blessings over your school year!!!

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