Saturday, September 22, 2018

Apex Fun Run

Each year, Southview Elementary does a school fundraiser put on by the Apex team.  Students obtain pledges for their school, and then participate in a fun run.  The number of laps they run corresponds with the amount they can collect from their pledge donors.  Each year I volunteer as a lap counter, marking the kids t-shirts when they cross a certain portion of the track, to keep track of the laps they have run.  Its crazy and fun.  Larkyn was the best cheerer around as she high-fived runners and enjoyed making friends with the Apex coaches :).  Grandpa and Teddy were able to come cheer on Summer in the morning and Grandma and Grandpa came to cheer on Colton in the afternoon.  Its always an exciting and energy filled day at Southview!


High fives for Grandpa, Teddy, and Larkyn

Summer and one of her best friends, Anisah


High fives for Grandpa and Larkyn!

Me doing my job :)

Larkyn made friends with "CooCoo" one of the Apex coaches....

And wanted her picture with him.  She thought he was pretty cool :).


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