Saturday, September 22, 2018


We have been having a lot of soccer fun this fall.  All three kids decided they wanted to play this year, which means Larkyn (preschool team) has soccer Monday nights, Colton (1st/2nd grade boys team) has soccer Tuesday nights, Summer (3-5th grade girls team) has soccer Thursday nights, and all three have games on Saturday mornings.  Its been a bit busy....but the kids all love it and can't wait for "their night" when everyone watches them!  

We have been blessed already with fun visitors coming to games, including Auntie Kristin, Uncle Eric, and the cousins, along with the goalie, Josie, of the AVHS girls varsity soccer team, whom Summer made friends with during a summer skills camp.  Grandparents are lined up to come to future games!

We have also had other fun soccer opportunities come up, like Summer being able to be a ball girl for a high school varsity girls game (she loved it!) and Larkyn being able to take a community ed class, Soccer Shots, which teaches soccer skills to preschoolers (she loves it!).

AVHS girls varsity team and ball girls during the  national anthem

Summer and Josie
Larkyn scored her first goal in the Soccer Shots class.

Larkyn and her soccer shots coaches
Despite the fact that I have the most pictures of the girls playing soccer or doing soccer activities, out of the three kids, Colton's love for soccer runs the deepest.  He will play soccer with Daddy any chance he gets, for as long as someone will play with him!  It has been fun to watch him on the 1st/2nd grade boys team, as the competitive nature of 1st/2nd grade boys is definitely a step up from last years coed kindergarten soccer!  He truly gives his team 100% every time and loves both the sport and the competition!


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