Friday, August 31, 2018

Family Fun

We had so much fun as a family this summer.  It is really fun having the kids be older - they can do more on their own, and we don't have to worry about naps.  We really had fun with our summer schedule this year, letting the kids stay up late and then sleep in the next morning.  It allowed us to have more time as a family and make the most of the gorgeous MN summer evenings.  Three fun outings we squeezed in before school started include a day-trip to Taylor's Falls, family day at the zoo, and the State Fair.

Taylor's Falls

The kids were amazing hikers (even Larkyn!) and we truly had a blast being together in God's great outdoors.


State Fair

The kids have grown so much since their first visit to "Little Farm Hands"!

We let each kid pick one treat of anything they wanted.  Larkyn picked a carmel apple, Colton picked a rootbeer float, and Summer picked a new fair food - rainbow cloud roll - a concoction of superman icecream and rainbow rice krispies wrapped up in cotton candy.

Summer hula hooping on stage

Colton and I loved working this puzzle together at the math on a stick booth

Larkyn loved eating!

We saw a fantastic dog show!

We also watched a skateboard and bike show

and got our favorite sweet martha's cookies

Paul and I also went a separate day to the state fair on a date....


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