Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We Won!

At our Neighborhood Night Out that Carla and I hosted on August 1, we received a large packet of items from the local police department to hand out to our neighborhood.  Two of the things in the packet were a stack of Mall of America Mystery cards and the other was a stack of Mystery ride cards.  After handing them out to our neighbors, Carla and I divided up the remaining cards at the end of the night and we each had several of each.  When we took the mystery cards to the mall we won 3 free custards, 2 passes to Sea Life, and a free coffee!  The mystery ride cards were worth either a ride, a day of rides, or a year of rides, but you didn't know what until you scanned them at the mall, and once scanned, you had to use them that day.  Anyway, on rainy Wednesday I took the kids to the mall after gymnastics to meet up with someone from whom we were buying a used pair of tap shoes for Larkyn, and we decided to use our mystery ride cards!  I predicted we would be there for around 20 minutes as we rode a few rides each and then we would come home for lunch.  When we scanned one of the cards it was worth a full day of rides - 90 points!  Since the kids' rides are 3 points a piece, we ended up staying almost 4 hours and having a blast!  We ended up having our free custard for lunch ;) and staying til mid afternoon.  Here are a few pictures:

Larkyn entertained herself with her new tap shoes while the big kids rode their favorite ride - bumper cars - again and again!

Free custard at the Shake Shack!

What a SUPER fun Mommy-kiddo date day!  Great memories!  Thanks for the free fun day, MOA!


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