Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tommerdahl Trailer Weekend

Picked up Daddy at work and headed up north!
We spent the weekend in Battle Lake, MN last weekend and had a blast hanging out with everyone on Paul's side of the family.  Grandma and Grandpa T graciously hosted us all at their trailer, and we had a great weekend full of memories.

We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and the kids had a blast pulling out their favorites of Grandma and Grandpa's toys.

Colton loves Grandma and Grandpa's stash of Lightening McQueen cars and was soooo excited to make a dirt track to race them on!

The girls went straight for the Polly Pocket things!

We all enjoyed bean bags, but Colton especially spent lots of time playing...with Grandpa and Daddy, against Mommy, with Uncle Jordan, and even just by himself!

After a delicious dinner of the kids' favorite pesto chicken, we got them to bed and enjoyed a fun bean bags game of Grandma and Grandpa vs Paul and me :).  Then we enjoyed chatting around the fire while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive.

On Saturday morning, the day was gorgeous!  The kids all slept in (say what?!) and I enjoyed a fun run with Sarah and Ty.  We had a leisurely delicious breakfast and then Grandpa, Daddy, and I took the kids fishing on Grandpa's boat.

Then the kids, Gee Gee Sandy, Grandma, and I played at the campground park for a long time and the other Aunts and Uncles had a blast paddle boarding.  The kids love this park and look forward to it every year!

Then we all headed back up to the trailer for lunch.  Grandma even had a special cookie dough ice cream cake to celebrate Summer and Javonte's August birthdays!

After lunch, we all went out to the sandbar for water play and to listen to the band that was playing.  It was quite the feat to get us all there in one boat ride!!  We had some of us in the boat, and the rest of us divided into two tubes pulled behind the boat.  We had such fun out at the sandbar playing frisbee, swimming, riding on the air mattresses and paddle board, listening to the live band that was playing, and just being together.

We headed home for games, dinner, bed for the kiddos, and chat time for the adults.

Sunday was rainy, but we had lots of fun anyway, reading, eating, playing nerf guns, playing lots of games, and cuddling!

We cuddled in bed reading for a long time until everyone was awake!

Both kids loved Grandma's mosaic mysteries toy!

Cuddling with grandpa!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa T for hosting us all, for all the great food, fun and memories!  We love you and are so blessed to have you all as family!


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