Thursday, August 24, 2017


As the summer draws near the end, we enjoyed on last weekend trip out of town to my parents cabin.  It was a wonderful, fun, and relaxing little vacation!  Here are some pictures.

Auntie Kristin and Teddy joined us to drive up Friday morning for an extra day of cabin fun.  Daddy and Uncle Eric drove up together after work.
Upon entry, the kids dove right away into playing with the cabin toys!

Despite chilly weather, we spent much of the afternoon at the beach!  The kids and I made sand "chairs" for them.

Daddy and Grandpa grilling the salmon and BBQ chicken

I love this tradition they have: bedtime storytime with Grandpa

On Saturday morning, it was Auntie Kristin's birthday, so we brought along streamers to decorate.  The kids did a great job!

Cuddles with Uncle Eric

Uncle Eric showed the kids how to knee board.  It is a good intro into skiing.

Watching Uncle Eric knee board

Doing a 360!

Tubing with Uncle Eric!  (The 3 kids are in the right tube and Uncle Eric had fun bouncing around and being silly in the left tube)

Happy Birthday Auntie Kristin!

Silly boys!

Uncle Eric and Colton like to swim out to the raft!

Larkyn riding the big hotdog with Teddy

Summer and Colton tried kayaking by themselves for the first time this weekend.  Summer had fantastic control and picked it up quickly!

Colton enjoyed kayaking...but didn't have quite as much control over his direction as Summer ;)

Grandpa and Larkyn "kayaked" on the hotdog!

Love this pic!

Beach fun!  The kids love to dig the biggest hole they can!

Pontoon ride


Grandpa and Colton
Eric and Teddy

Kristin and Teddy

We went out for ice cream to celebrate Kristin's bday!

evening pontoon cuddles :)

After church on Sunday we enjoyed kayaking again.

And all three kids practiced knee boarding behind someone pulling them.  Here Colton is doing an awesome job pulling Larkyn :)

Water balloons!!!!!!!!

We had a fantastic weekend!  Thanks for hosting us all Grandma and Grandpa K!!!! We love you!


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