Tuesday, August 8, 2017


This past weekend, we camped at Kamp Dels with some great friends from our small group at church.  The camp is amazing!  They have a large waterpark, 3 playgrounds, mini golf, horses, and more!  The camp books far in advance, and we barely got in for an August weekend.  Unfortunately, the weekend we reserved to go was very chilly, cloudy, and rainy, so we didn't get to enjoy as much of the water park as we had hoped.  The kids still got in the water both Saturday and Sunday, but didn't last too long before they were all shivering!  Oh well!  We had a wonderful time despite the cold, enjoying the relaxing camping experience together.  Here are a few pictures to document our trip.

OH my!

Ready to go!  (The kids got these visors at an under-the-sea birthday party that morning and all three wanted to wear them!)

Larkyn loved looking at her "new" hand-me-down princess book from a friend!

The older two read Veggie Tales books the whole way!

Larkyn fell asleep :)

We camped with the Dorns, whose youngest shares the same birthday as Larkyn but two years later!  Summer had fun with baby Nyah!

Larkyn chillin'

Inside our tent - kiddos on one side, Mom and Dad on the other.

Getting a fire going!

Of course, Summer made sure her dolls had their camp chairs along!

Making Dinner!

Larkyn and the boys :)

Cuddle time at the campfire

Hot dogs for dinner!


After a chilly swim and warm shower, we jammied up for some delicious S'mores.

Bedtime for the kiddos!  (We parents enjoyed chat time by the fire late into the night :) )

Just like last time we went camping with young Colton, the in-the-tent potty option was so helpful to have for Larkyn.

Glow sticks made the potty visible even at night!


A chilly morning made story time with Summer the perfect activity ;)

We ducked inside for foosball during the rain showers

We spent much of the day playing at two different playgrounds

After lunch we attempted the water again....the kids had a blast until they realized how cold they were!

They spent a while in the little pool as it was the warmest!
 What a fun camping trip!  Our summer is too booked to go again this year, but I can't wait to take the kids camping again next year! 


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