Saturday, April 30, 2016

Family Fun In April

Loving the nice weather where we can eat dinner outside!
We had a lot of fun this month as a family, along with making some...interesting...memories! 

Family Soccer

Most of our friends an family know about the crazy thing that happened during our boys vs girls family soccer game.  Two competitive people collided going for the ball, and ended up needing a visit to urgent care for glue and stitches...any guesses who?  Yep, it was Paul and me!  So our family fun soccer turned into family fun at the doctor as two bleeding head wound patient parents walk in with three healthy kids.  It made for quite the story and we still can't quite believe how it all played out!
Family Photo waiting for the parents to be stitched/glued up!

All three kids were AMAZING!  Summer read books to Colton the whole time and Larkyn was very well-behaved.

One more memory in the books for the Tommerdahls...FYI head wounds bleed a lot :)

Finished product - 3 stitches
Finished product: would glued shut :)

Family Planting Night

At the beginning of April we chose 5 types of seeds to plant and had fun as a family planting them.  The seeds sat on our kitchen counter for all of April, and it was fun to watch them pop up and grow!  On May 1st we planted them in our square foot garden.  We will see how they transition!  Either way it was a fun experience.

Here is a little video of step one - the kids putting the dirt in.  It was fun to watch Larkyn participate in this step.




Ta Da!

All Planted!

Within a few days we were seeing them grow!

Near the end of April they were outgrowing their containers!

Getting ready to transplant.

Larkyn just loved to walk and carry a single plant all over the yard just like this.  Too cute.
Will they grow?  We will see!  The kids loved watering them the last two days.  We plan to fill the rest of our square foot garden in the next week or so and will get "pre-started" plants for any of our seeds that don't make it.   The gardeners may have been a bit rough with a few of them ;).

Park Date and Picnic Dinner

This is the only picture I have of our family park and picnic date - but it was super fun :)  Nothing I like better than being with my whole family outside on a nice evening!

Zoo Day

We had a whole Saturday free (unusual for us lately!) and we LOVED going to the zoo as a family.  Paul took some fun pictures.  The family farm exhibit is always a huge hit with the kids each spring!

This was a busy month with Colton's birthday, our church women's retreat, and other activities so I'm extra thankful for all these special family memories we could squeeze into our April. :)


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