Saturday, April 16, 2016

Colton turns 4!

They celebrated Colton at Cubbies this week!
Our favorite little boy turned FOUR this week!  While I will write more about our celebration in the next post, I want to write a bit about Colton at age 4.  I can honestly say that he is an absolute sweetheart.

He is so sweet with cousin Teddy and is so gentle!

Love this!
While he had a short-lived phase of testing and disobedience just before his 4th birthday, he has returned to his typical obedient self, with immediate "yes mommy's" and doing what he is supposed to do.  He is a huge help around the house and at the grocery store, a great cuddler, loves to play anything with his older sister and is very patient with his younger sister.  He plays so well with both of them!

He continues to love anything Lightning McQueen, Dusty the Crophopper, and Thomas the train and will spend hours in a day playing cars, planes, and trains.  He has amazing focus.  He also needs to get his energy out positively - and will often be assigned "100 jumps" on the trampoline or running "his age" in laps around the backyard if his energy is in excess of his self-control :).  He has grown much more coordinated athletically through his Amazing Athletes class (sports camp) which has been really fun to see.


He is a great conversationalist and is also very curious and asks great questions about the Bible and about how things work.  I love our one-on-one time together each afternoon after Larkyn goes down for a nap where we read his daily Bible story,

We are currently about halfway through his Action Bible.
do preschool, play a game, or play trains/planes/cars.  He has grown quite a bit this year in writing his letters, beginning reading, speech, counting, understanding of time (weeks/months/seasons), learning lowercase letters, and more.

Doing a float or sink science experiment this week
He is SUCH a great kid and I love spending time with him.  I am so proud of him and among many things, pray for protection physically, spiritually, and in purity, that Colton would stay on the straight and narrow path, and that God would grow Colton closer to Him in this coming year, growing into a man of God and encouraging other men to live for Him. 

At his 4 year checkup, Colton weighed in at 37 lbs and 12 oz (67th percentile).

Colton currently is 3 feet, 4 inches tall (43rd percentile)

Colton is such a silly, handsome, sweet, empathetic, and polite little boy!  I could not love you any more or be any more proud of who you are and who you are becoming, Colton Paul.  You are my FAVORITE little boy and I love you more than I can say!

Here is Colton's 4 year old interview (my phone died in the middle so the two parts are spliced together):

Happy 4th birthday, Colton Buddy!
*Party/Celebration blog post coming soon....


Kristin Bjorklund said...

You're right, he is the SWEETEST little boy. What a perfect middle child. <3

Jill said...

Seriously, Colton is the sweetest little boy. Oh, I see that Aunty Kristin just said that in her comment, but he really is. So fun to watch him with his sisters and with Cousin Teddy. So proud of who he is!

The Baum Family said...

What a sweetheart. Happy birthday Colton!!

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