Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Colton's Cubbies Awards Night

A HUGE highlight of Colton's week has been Wednesday night AWANA Cubbies with Daddy as his leader!
Colton had his Awana Cubbies Awards night on Wednesday.  (Summer's Awana Sparks awards night is this next Wednesday).  Summer and I had fun coming and watching a glimpse of what Daddy and Colton do on Wednesday nights!  They sang their Cubbies theme song, recited verses, and sang lots of other fun songs.  While I did video all of these pieces, I will choose to share my favorite song they sang because it so captures Colton's excitement for Cubbies and the permanent excited face he had throughout the evening!


Colton getting his award

Colton with the "red" group and his leaders

I love this little Cubbie and am so thankful for all the Bible verses he has memorized, Bible stories he has further understood, fun crafts and games he has done, and quality time he has had with Daddy learning more about God.


The Baum Family said...

What a fun month! I can't believe how old the kiddos, especially Colton are looking! <3

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