Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer VBS and Colton-Mommy Date

Summer has been ecstatic for weeks now about starting VBS (she is officially old enough to go to our church one which starts at 3.5 years old).  Today was the first day and she absolutely LOVED it!  I am really excited for some special one-on-one time with Colton this week (hard to find that time with kiddo #2) so I have a few special things planned for us to do while Summer is at VBS.  Today our date consisted of going to Lebanon Hills, which has a massive park and hiking trails.  I really loved our special uninterrupted conversations and time with my favorite little boy.

Huge smile at VBS

Mommy-Colton date

My little hiker led the way

He decided he wanted to see what was at the top of this hill...
We spent quite a while fascinated with the water fountain...because we could ;)

This little guy just being silly ;)

We met some girls at the park that let Colton go on the tire swing with them - I loved hearing his giggles!


Jill said...

Could those two kiddos get any cuter?! Love 'em to pieces!

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