Monday, June 9, 2014

Cabin Weekend

This past weekend we gathered at my parents cabin for the weekend!  We had so much fun playing, relaxing, being together, eating great food, playing games, and having good conversation.  I felt especially spoiled as my mom and sister "forced" me to put my "pregnant" feet up instead of helping with the dishes after each meal (thanks guys!) :)

The kids LOVED the sand and water, and literally played hours at the beach!

Yes, this is what I did much of the time ;)

Summer found a stage!

Love this pic of Colty

Summer giving some of her freezy pop to Tucker :)


Colton wearing Grandma's flip flops :)

Both kids love playing with balls both in and out of the water

After running, sniffing, eating, etc Tucker finally assumed relaxed position....

relaxed for a little while anyway ;)

Endless fun

Grandma and Grandpa had a bike just the right size for each kid - as a bonus, Colton's even had Thomas the Train on it!  Woah, exciting!


Thomas the Train theme bike, and Cars theme pj's, slippers, and helmet...That sums it up.

Paul made finger-lickin' ribs on Saturday - complete with spices, ribs, BBQ sauce, and lots of slow-cooking attention.  Perfect.

Watching these two on the boat I just sometimes can't believe how old they are...and that they are mine.  Reality is funny sometimes.


My man and I

Both kids liked helping Grandpa drive the boat

Tucker and both kids loved looking at the water

Love this little guy and his grin

S and C holding hands to walk out to the dock to fish

Summer's turn to fish first.

I was very proud of Summer for picking out and touching her own worms each time!
Waiting patiently for the first bite...

Grandpa and Colton
Summer ended up with ALMOST catching a 4 pound bass, but Summer was a bit slow on the reeling and it got away ;)  It was exciting tho!

Summer let Colton have a turn fishing with her Barbie rod (I think we need to get Colton his own rod now!)

Daddy explaining to Colton about the bobber

Colton got his first fish!!!!!!

Video: Colton's first fish

Colton's first fish!

"Mini" Paul

Daddy got one!

Tubing with Auntie Kristin and Uncle Eric

Colton's "early Father's Day" picture for Grandpa

Summer's "early Father's Day picture for Grandpa
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa K for letting us come enjoy such a special weekend!  We are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents that love on our kiddos (and us!) SO much.  We love you!


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Looks like a wonderful time. Glad you got to put your feet up, Kel! :)

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