Friday, June 27, 2014

Last day of VBS

Colton for whatever reason was up multiple times last night, asking to get up for the day and "get dressed"!  Maybe he was just excited to watch his sister's program at VBS ;).  Either way, after losing much sleep I knew he needed to sleep in if we had any chance of having a happy Colton at Summer's VBS program, so my sweet friend Jessi offered to bring Summer to VBS for me while Colton slept in.  It was the first time anyone has ever "picked up" Summer for something, and it made her seem old ;).   Jessi sent me these pics of her two girls (Hannah and Melanie) walking into VBS with Summer.  Adorable blondies!

After Colton woke up, Jessi and Melanie came over for a playdate.  It was so much fun to catch up with Jessi, as we are both due with our third child within 5 days of each other! 

We then all piled into our minivans (we both have "new" Toyota Siennas to accommodate our growing families  ;) ) and went to go watch Hannah and Summer in their program for the last day of VBS.  Yes, I was THAT mom who was so excited to watch her 3-year-old sing on stage with a zillion other crazy 3-year-olds....THAT mom who was waving excitedly for her daughter to see her....THAT mom who had the video camera ready to catch every move of her daughter's first "performance" lol ;).   Anyway, here are the 4 videos I took...

1) Summer walking in with her VBS class

2) Summer waving

3) Summer singing her first song

4) Summer singing her second song

A huge shout-out thank you to all of the volunteers that helped to make the VBS week so much fun for Summer :).


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