Monday, June 23, 2014

June Happenings

Just a bunch of random pics with some video at the end...


Both kids love dressing themselves up to play firefighter

We got to meet our first "nephew" - "Walter" - Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty's new pup!

Reading a book about a puppy named Walter with Auntie Sarah

Summer giving Walter a hug


We've been making a lot of smoothies lately - and the kids LOVE to make them all by themselves


Been putting in spinach and frozen carrots in the smoothies - veggies are so tasty this way!

Common occurrence this June...drinking smoothies on a stroller walk to the park :)

One of our favorite paths we love to walk!

We found a turtle!

One of the parks near our favorite walking path

Summer playing Bride after Auntie Madison's wedding  (and her attempt at getting Colton to be "flower girl"/"car boy" - dropping cars in front of her as she walked)

36 weeks!

We attempted to have Tucker go down the slide....

Biking/walking around another favorite lake

Playing so nicely at Motherhood Maternity while Mommy tries on some new nursing gear for baby

Play Place at Mall


Painting gets more fun...

Having fun


Loving the feel of paint on their hands!

Colton and Kellen playing trains

Colton, Summer, Eli, and Kellen - first time filling up the kiddie pool this year!

Lunch Date!

Got our first pack of size Newborn Diapers...Look how small they are!!!!!!
And some videos...

Celebrating the first USA goal in the World Cup soccer game against Portugal

Verse of the Week: Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you be strong and courageous, do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

I know Summer understands Baby #3 coming, but I like to try to understand Colton's viewpoint.  For the first time last week after Colton talked about Baby being in Mommy's tummy, he told me he was going to share his monkey (special stuffed Curious George he sleeps with) with Baby.  At that point I determined that Colton understood a "real" baby was in Mommy's tummy and was going to come out :)  Anyway, at our 37 week appointment I decided to interview Colton to see his current thoughts on Baby #3 as she will be joining us in roughly 3 weeks!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

So glad you're capturing little Colty and that little voice on camera!!! Muah!!!

Jill said...

Such a fun post! Love these glimpses into life on Beacon Lane. ;)

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