Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wrapping up March...

Here is my random assortment of pictures from the last week or so to wrap up the month.  Hard to believe that next month my little boy turns TWO!  Yikes!  So crazy!  Birthday talk as definitely begun, and Summer is probably the most excited of all of us, wanting to start decorating the house already!  But, for the next week and a half, I will still have my little one-year-old, and I have learned not to rush a single minute wishing for the next...they grow up too fast already!!!!  Anyway, onto my March "photo dump" wrapping up the month....
The kids enjoying a "birthday party" in the basement

Where both kids spend a lot of time....playing cars in Colton's room (I peeked in on them to sneak this pic).
School time...

Summer showing Colton how to make a "C"

Patterns and reading.  S made it all the way through the red and yellow beginner reader book with just a little help!

Doing math...counting out "2" caps and the "4" caps, and then counting and writing the total....

Yup, math makes us both happy ;)

She can do this almost all by herself now :)

Colton made the transition from high chair to booster seat this weekend!  What a big boy!  We are still working on drinking from a cup without a lid....he is a much more "active" eater than Summer was at his age!

Colton COMPLETELY mesmerized by the light rail en route to Minneapolis to see Auntie Kristin at work

Tagging along with Grandma Kirkwood and her baked cookies to visit my cousin Jenna at Bethel University
Summer went through her room to find things to make Baby #3's neutral nursery more this teddy....

Summer also gave baby one of her pink blankies and a little pink bunny...(I had to stop her before she brought her whole room into the nursery to give to baby!  She is so generous and sweet!)

Summer and I spent several hours together sorting through Summer's old clothes and getting them all set up in baby's nursery.  I had fun sharing stories with her of when she wore each outfit and I let her keep a few to use for her dollies. :)  She SERIOUSLY ABSOLUTELY LOVED going through the clothes and setting up babies' nursery, checking sizes on tags to sort the clothes by size, matching the shoes, stacking the bibs, folding the burp clothes, etc.  She keeps asking what else she can do to get ready for adorable :).  


Jill said...

Cute post. I just love how generous and excited Summer is about her upcoming baby sister. She will be a marvelous helper and great example to her, as she already is to Colton. I love how you are including her in the preparations. Good job, Kel.

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