Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Videos and gymnastics pics

Just a quick two videos to share from Friday:

We had our "makeup" gymnastics on Friday night (we were out of town for our typical Tuesday session).  I fed the kids an early Mac n Cheese dinner, and it is so funny how much they both love it!  Colton made up a song and started dancing and singing as he was eating his macaroni and cheese....lyrics: "I'm eating macaroni and cheese", and repeat.  He danced and sang for quite a while!  By the time I got out my camera he had stuffed another bite in his mouth, which made his song a bit less understandable!  Anyway, here is the last bit of his song....

Gymnastics was special for two reasons.  First, it was the last night of winter session so they got their ribbons!  Second, Daddy scooted out of work early to be there for their last gymnastics :).  They announced each gymnast by name, and presented ribbons to them as they stood on a platform and practiced their "ta-da" for the parents, which is pretty cute.  Here is the clip of Summer getting her ribbon.

Daddy and Colton waiting for directions before starting a circuit

Summer doing an awesome job of balancing

Colton's favorite part of the toddler class--the foam pit!

Gymnastics has been so great this winter for several reason...

*First, getting out and moving around in this cold weather is a definite highlight for all involved!

*Secondly, it was great for Colton.  The main reason I enrolled him was so he had something fun and active to do with Mommy during Summer's session, and I am really glad I did. Colton (through the parent-child class) learned and grew so much in the area of waiting to hear directions and then following them.   Our first several sessions he thought it was funny to run away from Mommy and play on equipment he wasn't supposed to.  By the end he sat quietly until Ms. Linda finished giving directions and then he followed them (for the most part) very well.  I can see these attributes carrying over into how he sits at library story time too.  Plus he loved the foam pit, climbing the big ladder, going through the tunnels, and (literally) just running the "tape line" multiple times in a row! 

*Third, for Summer, gymnastics was one of her highlights all week.  She absolutely LOVES it.  She puts 110% into everything, jumping as high as she can, running as fast as she can, listening SO intently to every direction, and doing her best on each event, every time.  She is adorable to watch.  The way she loves gymnastics combined with her love of performing, I wouldn't be surprised if this will be a big part of her future.  Time will tell!  I am pretty sure we will be back again next year for their winter session at TAGS :). 


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