Saturday, March 1, 2014

While the people are away...the dogs play....

One of my previous Young Life girls, Emily, took amazing care of Tucker while we were in Costa Rica.  She took some fun pictures and videos of Tucker and her dog Peppy playing together, so I thought I would share them here:

Emily told me that very little of Tucker and Peppy's time together was spent laying down (i.e. they were almost constantly playing, wrestling, running!) but here is a cute capture of the few minutes they actually did rest!

Tucker and Peppy's winter playground

Tucker getting spoiled by Emily's amazing boyfriend (who helped surprise shovel our driveway with Emily and her dad for us while we were away - such a blessing!)
Here is a cute video compilation of some cute Tucker/Peppy times together....

Emily is and always has been such a sweetheart!  She always goes above and beyond in all that she does and loves on people like crazy.  She made an amazing TA (Teacher's Assistant) for me when I taught at the high school and always did more than asked.  So it shouldn't have surprised me when she left the most adorable surprise for my kiddos when we got home.  She made a complete Scavenger Hunt (that she "and Tucker" worked on while we were away) for the kiddos. 

She left us this note giving the kids directions for the hunt, as well as leaving special clues for each of the kids hidden around the house.

I videoed the kids doing the scavenger hunt so I could share it with Emily--its a long video, but fun because it was their first ever scavenger hunt!  Colton was still a bit overtired from the trip to enjoy it fully, but Summer absolutely loved it! 

Here is the video, picking up right after I finished reading Summer the above note from Emily....

Thank you, Emily, for taking such AMAZING care of our puppy and loving on our family in such a special way! :)


Jill said...

Aw, such a wonderful job Emily did taking care of Tucker and making a fun scavenger hunt for the kiddos! Emily, you are a blessing!

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