Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jordan and Madison's shower

Last weekend, Paul took Monday off and we took a long weekend, traveling up to Grandma and Grandpa T's house in Fergus Falls for Uncle Jordan and Auntie Madison's wedding shower.

Got these two goofballs packed ;)
We all stayed at Grandma, Grandpa, and Javonte's house, including Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty, GeeGee Sandy, and Madison's parents.  We had a ton of fun hanging out, playing, catching up, and just being together.  Colton's highlight was probably getting to sleep in his big boy Thomas the Train bed (air mattress with a Thomas the Train blanket) and he literally was ecstatic about that!  Summer's highlight was probably playing "Champion" with Madison's dad, Mr. Greg, where they tried to make a basket with a ball and a bucket, and did the "Champion dance" if they got it in :).

Here are a few pics of the shower and the weekend...some from Paul, and some I stole from Grandpa T :).

The couples shower was held at the church, and Grandpa opened with a devotional and prayer.

The head table, with Greg and Becky (Madison's parents), Madison, Jordan, Kay, and Stuart

Playing the "shoe" game, where Jordan and Madison each had one of each of their shoes and used them as voting paddles.  While back to back, they had to answer 25 questions such as "Who is the better driver?", "Who will be in charge of the remote?", or "Who is the better dancer?"  by raising the shoe of whomever they thought best answered the question.  It was funny seeing how many questions Jordan and Madison answered the same as each other or differently!

Shoe game

Cute couple + delicious cake :)

The living room playground at Grandma T's

Reading with Uncle Jordan
Uncle Jordan is very musical, and both kids loved hearing him play his trombone, piano, and guitar.  Jordan let Colton strum his guitar while Jordan did the chords.  Colton loved drumming along with Jordan's guitar in this video...

Colton's favorite...the track...Daddy, Grandpa T, and the uncles built a track that went across the whole living room, entered an acceleration tunnel which catapulted the car farther to make it to the top of the stairs.  The tracks continued down both both half sets of stairs and the cars flew off the track in the basement.  Colton = in heaven. :)

Summer's favorite- helping Grandma T and GeeGee Sandy decorating/frosting cupcakes, topping them with Peeps, and eating them :)

Summer and Grandma

Colton and Grandpa

Silly runs in the Tommerdahl family genes, I think...
What a fun weekend!


Jill said...

What a beautiful and fun shower for Jordan and Madison! We are so looking forward to their wedding in June. Adorable pics of the kiddos with Grandma and Grandpa T. That last one cracks me up. :)

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