Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer Flower Girl

We got a (short) video clip of Summer finishing her walk up the aisle as flower girl in Auntie Kristin's wedding.  We were so proud of how she smiled, walked slowly, and dropped the petals so evenly.  If we get a longer video from the videographer, I will post it, but until then this is a fun memory :)


Jill said...

Summer was truly a perfect little flower girl. So poised for only being 2 1/2. It brought tears to my eyes to watch her walk slowly, smile and drop the petals. I, too, hope the videographer took some good video of her coming down the aisle. :)

Jessi Brink said...


The O'Connor Family said...

She did so great!! Love this! :) So fun seeing you guys! Counting down to family weekend!

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