Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best. Birthday. Ever.

So this is one of the rare opportunities that I'll take to add something to this wonderful chronicle Kelly keeps of our lives.


Because I had the best birthday ever!

What could be better than starting your day with breakfast in bed with your kiddos??  Not sure who was more excited  - - me or Summer!  She sure enjoyed my pineapple and juice, but I did sneak a few bites of breakfast sandwich and was unhindered in my coffee consumption.

Next, Summer and I headed to her last gymnastics class of the year.  I'm so proud of how much she has improved over this past year - it's so much fun to "help" - going to miss it when she jumps to the big kid class!  Today they received ribbons (see the video for Summer's ribbon presentation!).

Summer getting her feet stamped after gymnastics (they do this at the end of every class for fun for the toddlers)

Summer loved her teacher (Ms. Linda)

Once I got home, Kelly had some adventures in store - she had me take the day off of work, but didn't tell me what we were going to do.  As we drove, she had us stop for my free birthday drink at Caribou, as well as Subway sandwiches for our car trip.  Why we needed sandwiches was beyond me as there are restaurants everywhere, but it soon became apparent as she gave me the next address to plug into my phone's GPS.

Winstead, MN. Winsted????  What????

Well, Winsted did not disappoint.  I figured we were on our way to some park or something - it was a nice day out, we had grabbed food to go - why not enjoy the outdoors?

About 15 minutes outside of Winsted, she told me what I was doing - - I would be jumping out of a plane!  My initial reaction?  "Shut up!" (seriously).  She completely surprised me!  So, as my hands clammed up but anticipation built, we pulled into West Side Skydivers.

I'll let the pictures and video speak for themselves...

Full Video!

13.5k feet with ~60 seconds of free-fall going over 100 mph - WOW!  FUN!!!

After the jump, we drove back to Apple Valley in time for my scheduled massage - aaahhhh.....relaxation!

Once sufficiently relaxed, I stopped at Red's Savoy (best pizza in the world) to pick up our dinner.  Of course, dinner wouldn't be complete without brownies and chip mint ice cream!

We opened up some presents - again, Summer was probably more excited than I was! :) - and we then headed out for a family walk.

After our walk, we had fun with the kids (Colton would not stop giggling and Summer was a non-stop chatterbox!) before putting them to bed.

All the adrenaline (and pizza) was taking its toll on me and I voted for movie night - my pick.  We went retro with Mission: Impossible.  Pretty funny to see the "cutting-edge" technology from 1996!  Great movie and now having fun recapping the best birthday I can remember!  I won't forget this day any time soon!  Thank you, Kel, for putting together a wonderful day! Love you! :)


LaDonna said...

What a fun birthday!!!

Jill said...

Ahhhh!!!! So crazy!!!! I was at home with Summer and Colton praying you would come home in one piece. :). Such a cool birthday surprise. Your face says it all. Good job, Kel!!

The Baum Family said...

So fun!!!!! :) Good planning, Kel!

The O'Connor Family said...

Sounds like the perfect day, although I would have liked to see you skydive too, Kel ;)

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