Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dandelion Musings

Over the last week, yard work has been on the top of the chore list for me (it's an excuse to be outside, and leave the laundry and bathroom cleaning for later!)  We have been slowly returning plots of excessive landscaping (from our previous owner) to grass over the past couple of years, and this past week has been full of raking, tilling, fertilizing, seeding and watering.  This morning, when Summer and I were outside, I noticed the  dandelion crop springing up again.  We probably have close to 150 of these in our yard right now.

What I dislike most about these beasts is that you have to get them up completely by the root (which looks like a 3 inch long white carrot) or else it will grow right back.  Every year I get the same overwhelmed feeling when I look at our yard and see them because I cannot pull them out fast enough to keep them from spreading.  

Today as I was attempting to get the root out with the plant, I wondered why they keep coming back each year?  We manage to rid the yard (mostly) of them by fall, yet every spring they come back with a vengeance. 

As I was working and thinking, I thought about how much dandelions are like our sins.  We don't have to try to "grow" them, they just pop up and rear their ugly heads naturally.  We have to plant, work, water to get good things to grow in our lives, but the bad just seems to happen naturally.  We try hard to yank them out of our lives, but if we don't get the roots, they come right back.  It gets overwhelming trying to deal with all the bad thoughts and attitudes that come, and I can't deal with them fast enough.  Left alone they completely kill the grass until there is no lawn left at all...and our sins completely kill us by separating us from the only source of life, God.
That's where Weed B Gon comes in for me.  You simply spray the center of each dandelion and within 24 hours the root begins to die.  It feels like the problem can actually be tackled since spraying the center of a dandelion takes a fraction of the time as digging out a deep root.  I know it sounds silly, but this is how I was thinking about Christ's death on the cross today!  His death on the cross made killing the root of the sin problem actually possible--in fact, almost too easy (for us!) to be true!  All we have do do is believe that he sent Jesus to die for our sins on the cross, and he forgives us--completely!  No more dandelions!  Amazing!  Thankfully he also sends us his Holy Spirit to help us overcome the dandelions that continue to pop up daily.

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." Acts 16:31

My prayer is that if any readers haven't believed on Jesus Christ to enjoy a forgiven life, you would do so today!!!!!  Or find someone to talk to to understand more....:)

Blessings on your day!  Kids are up from their naps and its off to the outdoors again for us....!


Jill said...

Good analogy, Kel. I enjoyed reading this. :)

Jessi Brink said...

Awesome Kel! I hinted a little club talk when I saw the dandelion picture :) So important to share information with the ones we love most!

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