Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Week...

This past week has been CRAZY busy as Paul and I have been working on our basement.  Our 1965 basement was full of cobwebs, bugs, spider eggs (ICK!!!!!), and junk from the previous owner, and we decided we wanted to make the space into a playroom for the kids.  Because its pretty hard to work with two kids underfoot, most of our work occurs after 8pm...which means some late nights!  It's coming along, though, and after many hours of cleaning, bleaching, washing, painting, etc it is getting cleaner!  Paul is putting down underlay and laminate flooring (looks like hardwood floor) over the concrete and it looks awesome!  We still have a lot to do, but here is a sneak preview :-).

Other things this week....

Paul took me out for my birthday this weekend and we had a BLAST with just us two...there were actually a few moments where I forgot we had kids!  (Our kiddos were outnumbered 2-1 with babysitters Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Eric, and Auntie Kristin).  We went out to dinner, got shakes at Annie's Parlor, walked around the Sculpture Gardens, and ended up at Uncommon Grounds for hot chocolate, the spot where Paul took me for our our first date.  YAY for date nights!

Dressing Up!

We took the kids to the Eagan Community Center this weekend for trick-or-treating, games, and other fun! 

My little zoo: Colton the monkey and Summer the elephant

What a cute little elephant!

My little monkey :)
 A few videos

Summer has been working on left vs right lately....

Colton has been having a blast entertaining himself with a balloon!  I love his giggle!!!


Jill said...

Wow, the basement is transformed! What a wonderful play area for the kids, especially with the winter months around the corner. Good job, Paul and Kel! And, what precious kiddos. Those Colton giggles just warm this grandma's heart. Good job with the right and left, Summer! And, finally, adorable zoo costumes!!

Unknown said...

Such funny videos... They are great!!! Floor looks great too!... Also, nice to see you're still saving a tote full of maternity clothes.... :)

Kay said...

Grandpa said there were some really cute videos of Summer and Colton today! He was right! Colton had me laughing out loud and Summer looks so grown up. Is she really only 2?

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